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14 Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe (and why you should visit each)

Sep 9, 2022 | Europe | 0 comments

When people think of visiting Europe, their minds usually jump to going to the well-known sites that Europe has to offer: Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, and so on. However, these places are often quite expensive and you don’t want to be caught with Paris Syndrome.

But, a trip to Europe doesn’t have to be this way. In this article, we will break down the cheapest countries to visit in Europe using data, and give a brief introduction and ideas of what you can do in each country.

What is the Cheapest Country to Visit in Europe?

According to the gathered data, the cheapest countries to visit in Europe were Albania and Poland with an average daily cost of $44 per person, followed by Bulgaria with an average daily cost of $51 per person, and then lastly by Hungary with an average daily cost of $60 per person. However, in our rankings we have also included conventional travel destinations in Europe, such as Italy, in order to give you a sense of comparison for how cheap these countries are.

This data is based on the reported prices of past travelers on, but do keep in mind that these numbers may change over time due to changes in the value of the local currency as well as inflation. In order to keep the comparison as equal as possible, all countries will be compared using US Dollars.

CountryAverage Daily Cost
(per person)
Average Accommodation Costs
(per person)
Average Daily Meal Cost
(per person)
Czech Republic$83$45$20
All data collected from Feel free to check out their website to get more specific data on any location you are interested in. Additionally, please use their site when you travel to help us all get more accurate data!

With the data out of the way, let’s go ahead and break down why you should visit each country, starting from the least expensive (and known) and moving down to the most expensive and most famous.

1. Albania – $44 Per Person, Per Day

Sarande, Albania

Northwest of Greece and having its coast along the Adriatic sea, Albania is considered to be a bit of a hidden gem within Europe. Coming in at $44 per person, per day, with only a $17 average daily accommodation price, this is clearly reflected in the price. However, there is much more that is great about visiting Albania other than how relatively cheap it is.

Albania, as few people know, is actually home to some of the most stunning beaches in Europe as well as the Albanian Alps. This comes as a shock to many travelers who choose to go to Greece or Italy to see similar beaches (also along the Adriatic Sea), only to end up paying over two-times more!

2. Poland – $44 Per Person, Per Day

Morskie Oso in Poland

Poland comes in tied with Albania for the total average daily cost per person at $44, but we still felt that it still ranked second in terms of cheapest as lodging on average is 50% more than in Albania, giving less wiggle-room to the traveler on a budget. Located just East of Germany, Poland can also serve as a home-base for any travelers wanting to save some money during their trip to Europe as it is slightly easier to travel into Western Europe than from Albania. In fact, a train from Warsaw to Berlin costs roughly €20 and takes 6 hours.

However, there is just as much to do in Poland as outside of Poland. It is a country particularly rich in history, especially World War II history. However, it also has a great range of natural scenery, from the beaches in the north, to the mountain ranges.

3. Bulgaria – $51 Per Person, Per Day

Krushuna Waterfall

Bulgaria, much like Albania and Poland, is home to both mountains and beaches. Moreover, to those interested in learning about the history of the Eastern Bloc, Bulgaria is a great place to do so on a budget. However, Bulgaria seems to be slightly more focused on tourism than Poland or Albania, this means that there are a wider range of amenities available, and a wider range of experiences to be had as well, such as partying and large beach resorts.

Although Bulgaria comes in at number three on this list, it is often said to the the cheapest country in Europe, but between you and me, it may just be that hidden gems, especially Albania, actually take that title.

4. Hungary – $60 Per Person, Per Day

Fisherman’s Bastion, Hungary

Hungary, a central European country which held onto communism until 1989, has a very unique history, culture, and language. Travelers can unsurprisingly experience a great deal of history in the Hungary’s capital city of Budapest, which is actually two cities, Buda and Pest, which are separated by a river. W

hat’s more, for travelers it is quite stunning. While Hungary may not have the seaside beaches that the earlier destinations on this list have offered, it makes up for it with a number of natural sites, especially thermal lakes, which make for great places to relax.

5. Romania – $63 Per Person, Per Day

Pietrele Doamnei, Romania

Romania, home of Transylvania, Dracula, and Dracula’s Castle (officially Bran’s castle). Is a nation that is great to visit in order to go explore old, European castles and towns. If you want to step into the past and see what life in Europe was like before our time, Romania is a great place to find villages like this. What’s more, if you want a passive, relaxing way to spend some time, you can also ride steam trains throughout the country, getting a unique glimpse of the hardly touched areas of the nation.

6. Slovenia – $75 Per Person, Per Day

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Moving up to $75 per day, Slovenia is still relatively speaking a cheaper place to visit in Europe. What’s more, is that the expenses in Slovenia largely seem to be dictated by the accommodation expenses which are over $40 per day, this implies that if you are able to find cheaper accommodation in Slovenia, your trip will most likely be comparable to the above slots on the list (although the food is still roughly 50% more on average than in Albania).

Slovenia Like much of Europe, Slovenia is known for a few things: beautiful landscapes, great food, and extensive history. However, what makes Slovenia unique tends to be its nature. Slovenia is famous for its caves, making it stand out from the other countries on its list. So, why not take a trip to Slovenia, try out the local food, and explore some of the many caves that Slovenia has to offer?

7. Croatia – $76 Per Person, Per Day

Trogir, Croatia

Croatia, much like many of the spots on this list, is famous for both its mountains and its beaches. However, a glimpse at the prices show that the costs are relatively more spread-out than in other areas, meaning it may be a bit more difficult to find value. One thing to note however, is that Croatia is visited by a lot of luxurious travelers who partake in events such as sailing as well, which is likely to skew the costs upwards, especially when compared to the hidden gems of our list.

When in Croatia, the most recommended activity is certainly island hopping, which will allow you to see a number of different areas (including lots of beautiful beaches). For the budget wary traveler, don’t fret, sailing isn’t the only way to do this as you are free to kayak as well. Moreover, Croatia has a number of great national parks, such as Plitvice Lakes National Park, for travelers who wish to visit a uniquely lush and green park.

8. Estonia – $81 Per Person, Per Day

Tallinn, Estonia

Coming in at $81 a day per person, Estonia, the cheapest nation to visit in Northern Europe, makes for a great-escape. Especially because while it does come at a slightly higher price tag, it does so at the benefit of having other amenities which make up for this. For one, Estonia has a unique intersection of just above the absolute budget destinations, but still being relatively hidden.

For those seeking to explore its nature, it is known for both its islands and forests, which remain relatively untouched. This theme of conserving the state of nature and history continues into the capital Tallinn, which manages itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site for this very reason.

9. Czech Republic – $83 Per Person, Per Day

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is another country in Europe which is home to a wide range of castles and cuisine. However, undoubtedly the most famous attraction in the Czech Republic is Bohemian Paradise, which sits in the north of the Czech Republic and is home to a very unique set of natural stone pillars. It is so iconic in fact, that it is a Protected Landscape Area as well as a UNESCO Geopark.

The country is located just Southwest of Poland, the number two spot on this list. So, while some travel sites may recommend you stay in the Czech Republic in order to travel to other parts of Europe, I will go against the grain and say that Poland will likely make a better base. Within one day’s average savings ($39), you will be able to jump to a number of different destinations.

10. Montenegro – $84 Per Person, Per Day

Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro, is also along the Adriatic sea like our number one entry, Albania. However, Montenegro is a small country (half the size of Albania), so you may not be able to spend quite as much time visiting Montenegro as you could visiting some other countries on this list. However, Montenegro is still known for its stunning beauty. Although this has been said many times on this list, it is absolutely true that any of these spots will offer unique views. No country is quite alike.

Montenegro is known for having very unique mountains, and due to its smaller size, it seems to have done a much better job of making these mountains accessible for hiking. So, if you’re looking for a hike like no other, why not take a stop to Montenegro?

11. Slovakia – $101 Per Person, Per Day

Bratislava, Slovakia

Next on our list of Slovakia, which sits just south of Poland. Much like other spots on this list, Slovakia is known to a whole host of castles and has breathtaking mountain scenery. However, Slovakia is also home to a number of unique folk traditions and has its own style of architecture as well. This can be said about much of Europe, but it is truly what makes Europe such a popular spot for travelers, even going a small distance can bring a profound change in scenery and culture.

12. Portugal – $109 Per Person, Per Day

Lisbon, Portugal

Moving firmly out of the cheap territory and into the budget territory is Portugal. Portugal is a of course a very popular destination spot in Western Europe, with fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine every year. In fact, it is no surprise it is a popular country to visit in Western Europe, it is the first on this list and the cheapest! However, despite this, it is still not quite as popular as some of its neighbors in western Europe (cough, France, cough).

13. Greece – $123 Per Person, Per Day

Athens, Greece

A center-point of ancient history, Greece is absolutely filled with unique history to explore, places to visit, and things to do. Why not take a tour around Athens, the birthplace of democracy? While there, you can also stop and see many statues dedicated to the Greek gods. Beyond this, Greece also has a number of museums which capture its rich history as well.

Furthermore, if you ever get tired after a long day strolling around visiting different cultural and historical sites, Greece also has a number of excellent beaches for you to explore, which are nice all year-round due to its location in the Mediterranean. Lastly, who could mention Greece without mentioning the food? Of all of the countries on this list so far, Greece certainly has the most famous food (although that will quickly change with the next entry).

14. Italy – $132 Per Person, Per Day

Venice, Italy

The final destination on our list of cheapest places to visit in Europe is Italy, a country famous among travelers due to its extensive history with the Roman Empire, great food (pizza and pasta, anyone?), and breathtaking scenery. While it may come in at exactly three times the price of the first destination on this list, it is still a relatively cheap destination in comparison to some of its neighbors, such as France, which costs $186 on average per person, per day to visit (also provided by

So, if it’s in the budget, why not take a trip to Italy and see what is has to offer? If balanced with some of the earlier spots on this list, you may be able to spend some time in Italy while still keeping your trip affordable as a whole.